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Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy

Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy

Terms & Conditions

  1. Thesse lesse acnokwledges having received the vehicle described in the the contract,clean and in the conditions of conservation and operation,damage,state on the fuel tank and auxiliary equipment specified
  2. The renter assumes full responsability for any fine,penalty or traffic infraction,and agrees to make use of the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the highway code
  3. WHEEL RENT A SCOOTER assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of any of the belongings stored or left inside the vehicle during or after the rental the landlord exempts WHEEL RENT A SCOOTER from any claim and assums full resposability for lkoss or damage of the same
  4. The duration of the rental contract will be the one that appears on the front of the contract,specifying the date and time of delivery and return the vehicle.A rental day refers to a period of 24 hours from the time of the beginning of the rental,counting on the return with a period of 60 minutes.If the vehicle is returned before the stipulated date,the lessee will not be entitled to the refund of the amount on his rate and insurance of the contract in case you want to keep the vehicle for a period longer than agreed in the contract,you must obtain written authorization from WHEEL RENT A SCOOTER,to whom you must remit the corresponding amount or accept the charge on your credit card,in no case the deposit may be used for an extension of the rent.Any alteration in the agreed return conditions may result in additional charges for the tenant.
  5. WHEEL RENT A SCOOTER is not responsible for the delay or delays caused as a result of breakdown in the vehicle or other fortuitous causes.
  6. The lessee is responsible for any damage cuased to the vehicle.If the customer leaves the keys inside the vehicle,you will be charge for 30€ for travel and other serives in case of esceeding the agreed date and time for the return of the vehicle,you will be charge 15 euros per hour late maximum of 50€ per day in case of brakage or theft of the vehicle or its parts,an amount of up to 500€ will be charge in case of loss of keysyou will be charge 50€,in case of loss of the helmet 60€ and in case of loss the lock 25€.
  7. At the time of signing the contract,the lessee must pay an amount as deposit or bond in. In the event that this amount does not cover the extra charges that may incurred,the lessee must pay the difference in case of traffic fine,charges may be made to the credit card once the rental period has passed),an in case no extra charge is made,the deposit will be refunded.
  8. WHEEL RENT SCOOTER,offers the customer an insurance for damages caused by fortuitous causes,falls,theft of vehicle components or vadalisism.This insurance does not cover damage to the internal parts of the engine,wheels,loss of keys,damage to vehicle accessories or serious damage caused by negligence of the lessee.
  9. The vehicle will be returned in the place and date stipulated in the contract,an in the same state in wich it was leased,clean and with all its accesories.
  10. The translations of these conditions are merely informative,only their spanish verison is valid.
  11. To rent a scooter you must have 21 years old with a minimum 3 years of license B
  12. To rent a scooter you must have 18 years old with license A1

NOTE: If the driver´s license is not from a country of the European Union or they do not have an agreement with Spain*,the International license must be presented likewise,valid permits are governed by the law of the country where you drive,not the country of origin.

* Countries that present an agreemenh with Spain are the following: Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Morroco, Peru, Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Philippines, Guatemala, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukrania and Macedonia

Cancellation Policy

  1. Wheel rent scooter is not responsible for weather conditions.If you wish to cancel your reservation,send an email to at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. If the cancellation is made with more than 48 hours notice regarding the start date of the reservation,100% of the amount paid in the rerservation to be cancelled will be refunded in the case of being by bank account,the transfer cost are born by the client.
  3. Cancellations are not allowed for advance notice of less than 48 hours. I f the cancellation of the reservation occurs without a notice,the lessor will not make any refund.
  4. No refund is made if the necessary requiretments to carry out the rental process are not met.(eg not having a bank card)
  5. Finally,no refund will be madeif ,at the time of collecting the vehicle,the lessee does not comply with the current regulations for a valid license in spaci or doesnot present knnowledge of driving the vehicle.

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